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Our Facility

The new shop, designed from the ground up, and completely dedicated to the professional restoration of antique radios is the nation's largest and busiest facility. With over 37 years of accumulated parts including inventory from 21 closed radio shops, chances are quite good that your vintage radio can be brought back to excellent working condition. Organization is paramount. It has taken 2 full years but all inventory is now sorted for quick access. Our goal of finding anything in the shop within 2 minutes has finally arrived.

The New Shop
Our brand new passive solar workshop adds an additional 2600 square feet dedicated entirely to antique radio restoration.

The new shop (facing south)

Views of the four new workstations

Bob aligning a Scott Masterpiece chassis while Roger sorts resistors in the background

Ed works on a 50's West German chassis

Bob tests the tubes on a big Philco from the late 30's

A few radios for sale in the new showroom/museum

A peek inside the tube room

A small sampling of radio chassis' used for parts

The environmentally controlled cabinet room