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Antique Radio Restoration & Repair
Our Extensive List Of Services

Among the Services We Offer:

Weak Tube Replacement

Our inventory exceeds 75,000 radio tubes !!!

Replacement of every paper capacitor and every molded paper capacitor

With premium mylar and metalized film capacitors rated to 200 volts over original specification. New A.C. line capacitors rated at 1 KV minimum

Rebuilding of all Philco bakelite block capacitors

With premium mylar capacitors rated 200 volts above factory specification, insuring Philco Balanced-Unit integrity

Replacement of every electrolytic filter capacitor

With new axial and radial types under the chassis. New solder terminal strips are added for support wherever required. Old electrolytics are left on top of the chassis for originality and are electrically disconnected from the circuit.

Replacement of all out-of-spec resistors

Including power types at double original wattage ratings

All new parts insulated

All leads on new parts are insulated with appropriate varnished spaghetti insulation

All bad wiring replaced

Including AC line cords. Appropriate, cloth covered, AC line and hookup wire used throughout. Polarized AC plugs installed on all AC-DC sets for safety

*Complete cleaning

Bandswitch contact points, tube pins, tube socket pins, chassis, IF transformers, switches, controls, potentiometers and all moving parts thoroughly cleaned, lubricated & deoxidized

Speaker reconing available if required

Minimum 24 hour bench test performed on all restored radios

To insure freedom from intermittents, microphonics, gassy tubes, etc.

Alignment to factory specifications

Complete alignment for maximum sensitivity, maximum selectivity and the most accurate frequency calibration possible on all sets

Schematic diagrams and historical information

Are provided free of charge upon completion of restorations (when available)

Professional cabinet refinishing

Full wood grain fill, a minimum of 3 coats of sprayed lacquer with hand rubbed and polished finishes. Installation of reproduction decals with lacquer overcoat and final cabinet polish with Mohawk OZ Creme Polish. Table models get new feet.

Speaker Grille Cloth Replacement

Over 50 styles to choose from.
All patterns in stock.

Knobs are ultrasonically cleaned and polished

All new felt washers are installed behind knobs after cleaning and polishing. Complete replacement of missing or damaged knobs

Spare tube sets (new or excellent used) can be put together for your favorite radios

Antenna kits

Complete with instructions and lightning arrestors when available

Inrush current limiters for soft starting your radios and under-the-chassis fuses and fuse blocks installed upon request

Schematic sets, parts layouts, parts lists, etc. are also available at a nominal charge for the do-it-yourself restorer

Complete Gernsback, Riders, SAMS and Beitman/Supreme schematic sets along with Factory Book Documentation for Crosley, Fada, General Electric, Majestic, Philco, RCA, Sparton, Victor and Zenith are available

Free repair estimates are provided upon request
Air, UPS, USPS and FEDEX shipments accepted
Please call us prior to shipping for proper packaging tips

Parts are ALWAYS needed! If you are looking to dispose of any old radios, radio parts or radio tubes, please contact us!

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Thanks to the American Radio Relay League for permission to use the photographs from the August 1994 issue of QST. The pictures are ŠARRL, 1994